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Nima Starter Kit - Peanut

Nima Starter Kit
— Peanut





Reserve today to receive an invitation to order your peanut sensor the moment it’s available. Includes the Nima Peanut Sensor and 12 Test Capsules – all FSA/HSA reimbursable! Ships 2018.

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What's included

12 Peanut Test Capsules

12 is the perfect amount for your first month with Nima. For every Nima test, you'll use one capsule; they're single-use and disposable. Capsules will be available for $59 or $72 per 12-pack (see FAQ below).

Nima iPhone/Android App

Find thousands of Nima-tested restaurants and packaged foods. Plus, contribute your own Nima test results to help inform others in the peanut-free community.

Peace of mind

From set-up to travel tips, our fantastic customer support team is here to help.

Charging Cable & Carrying Pouch

Nima has a long-lasting battery. Most people recharge once a month.

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my pre-order?

Placing a pre-order will ensure you will be one of the first to receive your Nima Peanut Sensor as soon as we begin shipping! We expect to ship in 2018.

Can I get reimbursed through my FSA/HSA?

If you have a peanut allergy, and participate in either a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) through your employer, you can likely get reimbursed for any Nima peanut purchase. After you've purchased Nima, you can get reimbursed in a few easy steps – click the link below for instructions.

How to get reimbursed

What are Peanut Test Capsules and how much will they cost?

Each capsule contains an innovative chemistry test to detect peanut protein in your food. Capsules are single-use and disposable -- you'll use one capsule for every item/dish you test. Most people use about 12 capsules a month. Once the Peanut Sensor is available, you will be able to purchase capsules in 12-packs as-needed ($72, or $59 for Premium Members) or via one of our flexible subscription options ($59 per 12-pack).

Watch the How to Test video

How does Nima work?

Nima uses antibody based chemistry to test a sample of food for peanut protein. Just place a small amount of food into a new peanut test capsule, insert the capsule into the sensor, push the button, wait a few minutes, and see the result! Since Nima tests a sample of food, not your entire dish, please use Nima’s test result as an additional data point to use alongside all your normal precautions.

How accurate is the Nima Peanut Sensor?

Nima is being designed to detect traces of peanut protein at 10 ppm or above. Learn more about peanut allergies and different levels of sensitivity here.

Are there any foods the Nima Peanut Sensor cannot test?

Nima is currently under development. A full list of product limitations will be shared before shipping.

Can Nima be used by all ages?

We designed Nima to be easy enough for anyone in the family to use. In fact, many Nima Peanut Sensor beta testers reported that their children enjoyed using Nima. We do recommend children be supervised by adults in order to establish good testing practices. Nima tests a sample of food -- not the entire dish -- so all testers, regardless of age, should continue to use all normal precautions when choosing what to ingest.

Will the peanut sensor later work for tree nuts?

Peanuts are actually not nuts at all, but legumes. Peanuts grow underground while tree nuts grow on trees. There are different proteins in peanut than in tree nuts that cause allergic reactions. The Nima Peanut Sensor will only detect proteins in peanut - not from any tree nuts. The test for tree nut is still in early development. You can read more about peanut allergies, including how they differ from tree nuts, here.

Will I be able to use the peanut sensor to test for gluten?

At this time the peanut sensor is not compatible with the gluten capsule chemistry and vice versa. You will need a separate sensor for each type of testing you want to run.

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