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Gluten Test Capsules

Gluten Test Capsules

Each capsule gives you one test result. Ensure you never run out of capsules so you can always test your food when you need to.

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About capsules


Put a sample of food into a new capsule


Closing the top mixes the food and chemistry


Chemistry in the capsule binds to any gluten


The Nima Sensor images and shows your result

Note: use fresh capsules

To ensure a valid test, capsule chemistry expires 6 months after manufacturing. We will always send you capsules that have at least 2 months of shelf life left.

Note: storing capsules

Store capsules in cool, dry place to keep their precise chemistry intact. Capsules should not be stored above 95°F. Dispose of used capsules after your test.

Nima Test

Most people test 12 times a month

and use 12 capsules a month

Frequently asked questions

How does Nima work?

Nima uses anti-body based chemistry to test samples of food for the proteins found in gluten. Just place a small amount of food in one of the disposable test capsules, insert the capsule into the sensor, push a button, wait 3 minutes, and see the result!

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Do I need Test Capsules for my Gluten Sensor?

Yes, you need a new capsule for every test, because each capsule contains the chemistry to detect gluten in your food. The sensor will not work without a capsule. Each capsule is single-use and disposable. Most people use about 12 capsules a month. You can purchase capsules in 12-Packs as-needed or via one of our flexible subscription options.

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Where can I use Nima?

Anywhere! Eating out or dining in, let Nima take the first bite. Want to check that the gluten-free soup at the grocery store is really gluten-free? Trying a new packaged food where no ingredients look risky but you just want to be sure? Nima is small enough to fit in your pocket so wherever you can go, Nima can go too!

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What can I test with Nima?

Any food substance, liquid or solid can be tested with Nima (except for a few limitations, see below FAQ). A few examples of commonly tested foods are: french fries, pizza, soups, salad dressings, muffins, cookies, cereals, nutrition bars, and much more!

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How accurate is Nima?

Nima was designed to detect gluten in food samples at 20 ppm (parts per million) or above with 99.5% accuracy. If Nima detects gluten at any level, even below 20 ppm, the result will read "Gluten Found."

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Are there any limitations when using Nima?

Nima was not tested on non-food substances such as medications and make up. Also, Nima cannot detect gluten in the following: Soy sauce, beer, or other alcoholic beverages, because of the nature of their chemistry.

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What if I'm not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can return Nima within 60 days from purchase for a full refund (minus shipping). We will even send you the return label.

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Questions? we would love to help. Search our helpful FAQ or Contact Us

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